Friday, 3 February 2012

My Manicures: November 2011

Good evening this fine Friday on a chilly evening in the burgh.  I have been out with a colleague from my old work and painted her nails before we went out.  It was only a short sojourn so here I am ready to continue with posting my manicures from November last year.  Almost up to date and then I can post what I have been wearing this week and change my manicure tomorrow and post that next week.  I'm enjoying this blogging business! Even if only two people are following me!

In November, it is another good month of the year for me as it is my wedding anniversary and my best friend's birthday and this year she turned 30 so she had a big party and I made her a cake.  Only my second attempt at fondant icing but it turned out really well with a lot of help from my husband and involved us being on our feet for 5 hours cutting out circles and brushing on edible glitter icing!

My first attempt was actually in July when some of us girls made a cake for a colleague in the shape of an Irn Bru can (a Scottish soft drink for those not in the know) and a drink she is addicted to!  A friend on our team had seen a professional cake but it cost over £100 so I suggested we attempt to make it ourselves.  Here is what the can should look like and our version of it, she takes part in  the moonwalk for breast cancer so the figurine I found in the cake decorating shop was extremely apt and she loved the cake:

Irn Bru also made this hilarious advert which amused many of us one year and even spawned a "raoul" ringtone:

Anyway, that's enough about cakes and back to manicures!

This is my first November manicure in OPI "La Pasitively Hot Matte" with lightning bolts (a la nailside) in OPI wokka wokka which barely lasted a day before I covered the whole mani in wokka wokka, only for that to last a day before I drew on a corset accent nail (I guess it was a fickle week!):

I moved onto my new Zoyas next for a "Faye" and "Demi" french and striped look:

It is well known that I have a passion for polka dots and although I don't like kitsch manicures much for myself to wear, I decided that ladybirds (yes, that is what we in Britain call them) were calling my name because they are in my favourite colours and fulfil my dotty dreams:

I used Zoya "Sooki" and Color Club "Where's the Soiree?" for this with Sally Hansen "Sterling" for the eyes.  I loved this so much I kept it on for two weeks!

My next manicure was for the night of the thirtieth birthday party and I decided to try pinstripes to go with my blue dress.  I used a new blue glitter striper which I am never using again after it would not dry and left glitter particles in my seche vite! Grrr!  I was not amused!  The mani also became ragged on the edges after a shower so I only wore this for the night:

My next manicure took longer to perfect but I was much happier with and I wore it a while.  It is China Glaze "Grape Pop" with various shades of purple and mauve used to create a diamond pattern on my ring finger and outlined with a white striper:

I also did a quick and sort of messy manicure on my half sister when she came over for a night of pizza and chat.  I used Color Club "Worth the Risque" and China Glaze "Nova":

And thus November was concluded!  See you next time for my December manicures which will be very festive, without fail!



  1. i love the ladybird one! i love ladybirds so im a bit biased but it's lovely! x

  2. Thanks. I love polka dots so that's my bias. I have a polka dot mug at work, a lunch bag and today a polka dot dress haha. I don't normally want kitsch designs on my nails but that one was calling my name! x