Saturday, 25 February 2012

At Last....

This post calls for a repeat of my song choice last weekend: "At Last" by Etta James!

At last, I got stamping to work!

I gave up months ago after my stamper would not pick up any prints or only part of one (despite filing the stamper and using konad polish).  I managed to get it to work once with Zoya Trixie.  BUT today I decided that even after only wearing my black and white look for only one day, I was going to change it on Sunday and I'd try out some afternoon stamping.... and it worked! I tested out random stuff using both Konad and BM plates, here's the result:

Even though this was just a hodge podge of patterns, I quite like it :)  I only did my left hand and sat back rather pleased with myself.  The husband had said "I hope you get it to work" and after an unfortunate few hours he had to spend in the office, I proudly showed him my hand when he returned.

I was going to do some floral nails tomorrow freehand but I think I might test out some stamping....



  1. This is lovely! I really need to try stamping, I feel like I'm missing out on something really cool!

    1. I felt the same! Is it sad to feel happy I got it to work?!?! I bought 6 konad plates & a bundle monster pack that were wasting away. I prefer the creativity & work involved in freehand but I'm definitely going to try stamping from now on. :)