Thursday, 23 February 2012

It don't matter if you're black or white...

I'd forgotten what this video was like, not one of MJ's best IMO; video or song, but it was running through my mind as I prepared my nails tonight to match my outfit tomorrow: a black and white mod 60s style tunic dress.  Something I will be wearing to work and an evening at a National Museum of Scotland entitled "Night of the Mummy"!  It should be brilliant: live music, Radio One DJs, a dance act, comedians, a film screening (Abbot and Costello "Meet the Mumm"), the Egyptian exhibit, archaeologists on site, a roving fashion show by Edinburgh's own Jenners store, a dress up area, retro games, silent disco, bars and a whisky cocktail designed for the night (not my cup of tea!).

Back to nails, tonight's nails are brought to you by the colours black and white. Namely, Orly "Au Champagne" and "Liquid Vinyl" trimmed with China Glaze "Some Like It Haute":


Update: the museum event was brilliant fun.  My husband and sister have never been to a silent disco and they are adamant they will now come to the yearly Edinburgh ones during the weekends of August in the festival.  The Victorian hall at the museum is my favourite landmark in the burgh, the detail disappeared in the app photo below but trust me, it's beautiful.  My sister poses with a T-Rex, me and my husband at the silent disco in the music room:


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