Friday, 28 June 2013

My Manicure: Will's Wedding

A wedding dawns tomorrow for Tiera and Will,
A day for them that will spines tingle and thrill,
A road trip beckons for us to drive and attend,
This celebration of the groom, our friend,
Upon my body, a frock of black and white,
My fingers some curves to match with delight,
Upon my head a feather and net swirl,
The morrow shall see me in my dress twirl.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Twin Tuesday: Capturing Kryolan

Vanessa that Cuban chick,
That lover of sci-fi lit,
When she paints her nails she goes,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.

Today this Twin Tuesday,
Something from my time away,
And Vanessa joined me to go,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.

To adverts from the IMATS,
We tip both of our hats,
As we paint our nails we go,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.

Black, holo and geometry,
Kryolan body paint inspired me,
So this is what I painted as I go,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.

Pink, flowers and a floral trail,
Kryolan inspired Vanessa's nails,
As she painted she goes,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.

Twin Tuesday made with OPI and Cult,
A holo by color club and this is the result,
Peruse our work as you go,
Chick chicky-boom,  
chick chicky-boom, 
chick chicky-boom.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Twin Tuesday: Wonder Women

Wonder Woman is our theme,
This Tuesday twin with Lex and me,
Lex with a storm of stars atop some blue,
Surprise, surprise, I followed suit,
My mani featuring wonder belt,
Lex's her headband atop hair so svelte,
We're wonder women today, Lex and I,
I'm off to try to see if my powers hold sway!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Scottish Nail Lassies - Our First Meeting

Tonight I met some girls so charming,
Their chat and beauty quite disarming,
It was the occasion of our first meet,
Of Scottish nail girls on a Burgh street,
We went to a village in the city I adore,
And had some food and drinks galore,
We wore on our fingers tribal designs, 
Well all but Angela who slept and smooshed her lines,
Many stories shared to elicit a chortle,
You'd not have coped if you were a mere mortal,
But we're the Scottish Nail Lassies crew,
We're charming and tough as Irn Bru!

Amy joined us from Inverness by Skype


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Twin Tuesday: Ring-a-Ring O' Roses

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
Our nails are full of posies,
Katie atop some vampire's blood,
Tempestuous roses grown from the mud,
Mine atop black from that same mad cult,
The cult whose followers exult,
That it's produce is as great as gold,
Every bottle a joy to behold,
Vampires and cults our manis today,
Making roses for Twin Tuesday.

Featuring Pretty Serious "Vicious Vampire", Cult Nails "Tempest", Icing "Teal for Real" for Katie's manicure and Cult Nails "Nevermore" and acrylic paint for my manicure.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Manicure: Purple Pueen Reigns Supreme

Pueen arrived this Saturday to my home,
With designs so perfect, my mind was blown,
A white leather bound wallet to hold my treasure,
To slide out plates and peruse with pleasure,
I shared my nail mail with my online friends,
Their response to ask where to follow the trend, 
You can buy from middle men or Pueen direct,
If you too want your fingers with Pueen bedecked,
For my first foray into Pueen elemental delight,
I chose a regal purple with which my digits to knight,
I stamped with plate number forty-nine,
An image of floral and curved design,
To my manicure I bestow the moniker "Purple Pueen",
For with royal purple, Pueen reigns supreme.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Manicure: Hello Sailor, Bon Voyage

Hello sailor, off to be schooled,
A boat, atop a body of water pooled,
Summer spent among the tidal flow,
Learning starboard from the bow,
I hope you've packed plenty of navy stripes,
Is that not a sailor's fashion delight?
Bon voyage, Kiki, my friend,
Some time on the ocean you go to spend,
Return to us a few weeks hence,
For now let your holiday commence!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twin Tuesday: Summer Sakura

Cherry blossoms are our chosen theme,
Chosen by the lovely, tattooed Anne-Marie,
So for twin Tuesday this June week,
We are Summer Sakura tho' the flowers weep, 
in January to April months alone,
In Japan the place where sakura roam,
The place where hanami is a moment of bliss,
Under the sakura, a time to picnic,
For our sakura we chose a holo each,
To shine in the sun,  your eyes beseech,
Rie's among the flowers glimmer,
Mine only on my thumb does shimmer,
Rie's in shades of blue, black and white,
Mine in buff and apple pie scratch 'n' sniff delight,
Rie's flowers trim the branches black,
Mine bedecked on brown with glequin plaque,
Feast your eyes on our floral bloom,
Our manicures, from us to you.

Even my cousin wanted the same manicure:


Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Manicure: Red Lace

Today my manicure is something lacy,
Featuring a red that is somewhat racy,
For this bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri,
Has another paying job on the side,
This tall, slim, red bottle bombshell,
Can also stamp her ass off well!


Scottish Nail Lassies

I've been lucky enough to make the acquaintance of some lovely Scottish girls in the instagram nail polish/art community and we have arranged to meet up in my home city of Edinburgh in a few weeks time.  Whilst chatting on kik, we decided that we would all do a gradient manicure and I made a Scottish themed border for us to use.  We might even make this a regular thing!  Here are everyone's manicures:

My Cinderella hand: gradient only