Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer, summer, summertime!

I wish it was summertime!  Although the temperature is moderately warmer, the jet stream has made us suffer many a shower in the UK and here in Scotland it has not improved even if England has for a week.  The odd spot of sunshine does not a good summer make!  For santa's sake, I've had the fire on many a time :(  (For anyone wondering, I say Santa because I am not of a religious persuasion and I compare believing in god (small "g") to believing in santa).  Enough about my personal opinions, onto the nails!

For this manicure, I opted for a summery shade from Sation called "Oh My Oceania" which is a turquoise shade with a shimmer of green visible in the light.  I bought some Sation polishes after LTHP reviewed them but I found the brush annoyingly wide and the polish a tad thick and gloopy in this first one I have worn.  I decided to stamp in white from a bundle monster plate but the design covered the nail so much that I decided to leave this to an accent nail only.  I put a sequin in the centre of the main flower of the stamp to finish off:


Pamper Party

Any excuse to practice some nail art....... :)

I'm on the social committee at my work and I organised a pamper party a week ago for my company's chosen charity The Arran Brown Rainbow Foundation which was set up by an employee in memory of his son.  A friend of mine did make up while I did nails and two girls from the charity committee organised some stalls to promote local businesses such as Madame Peaches who do dance classes and a candle company called Party Lite.  The charity committee also organised a raffle for which they had many prizes (I even won one, there were that many!) and our combined total raised was £500!

In the end, with all the chatting and mingling, I only managed to do five manicures in 3 hours and here are the results:

One of the girls was going to see Madonna on Saturday so I gave her some fishnets and lace nails to suit the occasion and the girl you can see supping Prosecco is my best friend Tassie Sheila (code name ;))


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Wedding of 1930s Proportions....

I painted this manicure in a rush before we headed out to drive to the Dorset wedding (a 9 hr drive!).  My manicure would be covered with gloves as befits the 1930s theme of the wedding for half the time but they had to be manicured to suit my outfit of course!

I used my new favourite navy: Cult Nails "Time Traveller" for this one and some Konad.

Following my nails are some photos of the wedding but none of the bride and her family as she values her privacy.  She served high tea after the ceremony and gave everyone a tea set as a gift.  I was up until 4am the night before making cupcakes for the event as my contribution.


Black, White and Red All Over....

What's black, white and red all over?
A zebra that doesn't know how to put lipstick on
......boom boom!

Today's manicure is one I will be sporting at a charity pamper party I have organised on Friday night.  It uses my Dashica Big B plate for the first time for the dogstooth stamp which I decided I prefer to the new Bundle Monster version as it's smaller.  The polishes used are Zoya "Sooki", Zoya "Purity", Color Club "Where's the Soiree?" and for the leaves of my roses I used OPI "Jade is the New Black" and China Glaze "Treehugger".

Not many tickets have been sold for the event at my work while I've been on my holidays to Mauritius and Dorset but one of the girls has extended the event to friends so we may muster up a few folk! We shall see!  One of my friends is doing make up and we have some stalls promoting portrait photography and dance classes.  Hopefully we will be able to raise some money for the charity Arran Brown Rainbow Foundation and I will have some manicures to show you on the weekend.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dotter Who

"Knock, Knock"
"Who's There?"
"Dotter Who?"
....Boom Boom...

Today's manicure is inspired by the blogger Chalkboard Nails who posted a pic on instagram of some of her amazing manicures and there was a nude dotticure similar to the above.  I have an office BBQ tomorrow night and decided to wear one of the dresses I took to Mauritius and never wore and the fabric just called for this pattern to adorn my nails.

The base is my first time using Cult Nails "Time Traveller" hence that old Doctor Who joke above ;)  Atop "The Doctor" sits a galaxy of dots made with Nubar "Faded Putty", Essie "Navigate Her", OPI "Jade is the New Black", Color Club "Lavendarling" and China Glaze "Purple Panic".

Here is my manicure with the fabric of my lovely dress!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Something purple this way comes....

I daydreamed of my first watermarble, some stamping or some freehand stripes but I'm in a lazy post holiday mood so something simple this way comes....

I used A England "Avalon", Models Own "Champagne" and Candy Lacquer "Candies & Sprinkles".


My Manicures June 2012

Marvellous Mauritius

Ah, I've returned from paradise where I wore my peacock manicure from February again for the peacock themed official wedding and it lasted almost the whole ten days!  Only the water damage got it in the end....

No pictures of the wedding as those are private I'm afraid but needless to say, she looked divine.  I did my peacock manicure using a base of "Baker Street" this time moving onto A Englands "Lady of the Lake" and "St George"for the gradient and Orly "Sweet Peacock" again for the dots.  On my toes I wore China Glaze "Surfin' for Boys".