Sunday, 12 February 2012

Laced Up Love

Even though I don't like the gimmick that is also known as Valentine's Day; if you love me, tell me and show me every day not just one when someone has told you to! and luckily my husband does just that :), feel free to vomit in your handbags!, I have been taken with a heart nail design that copy that copycat did last week (hearts and roses.)

I also used acrylic paints for the first time and I blame it on the evening lighting but I thought this was black when it is actually navy.  So "Laced Up Love" is China Glaze "Laced Up", another untried, with navy polka dot love hearts outlined in white.

Here it is with and without flash:

Much love,


Time for an update on Monday as I wanted to embellish the hearts with a lace trim last night but the OH thought the clean lines looked better so I left it.  Took my Orly striper and seche vite with me to work while I considered defacing/embellishing though! I tried a looped edge for a lace effect but it wasn't delicate enough so thanks to Orly's water based striper, I washed it off and made them patchwork hearts instead:


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