Saturday, 11 February 2012

Eenie, Meenie, Minie Mo....

....too many colours for my fingers and toes!
With twenty-eight bottles bought this year,
(some might call this an addiction dear),
What can a girl do to help her decide?
Which she loves and which she can't abide?
I guess that's why it's come to this,
Swatching them all with a twist,
Well not all, I didn't use my toes,
But here's what I did, anything goes!

So....... although I do know what I am going to paint my nails tomorrow, I have bought the aforementioned twenty-eight bottles of polish so far this year (I know!) and with many untried bottles from last year as well, I decided I might as well be lazy and paint over my current manicure (black lace) with some of them to try out the colours. 

Not exactly conventional for a blogger as most would swatch and show the colours to their full potential to fellow polish lovers.  But I'm not normal (wohoo!) and I don't class myself as a normal nail polish blogger either.  I never intended to swatch polishes for the perusal of others as plenty of others do it so much better (scrangie, vampy varnish, the polishaholic to name but a few) so my mission statement was to paint my nails every week, try out nail art ideas created by others or myself and show them here in case anyone was interested in taking a look.

So here is what I have been up to today:

Ignoring the shoddy painting, I tried out 16 polishes which are from left to right:

  • Revlon "Royal" with Barry M "Gold Sparkle" crackle
  • OPI "You Don't Know Jacques!" with China Glaze "Midtown Magic"
  • Essie "Size Matters" with Nubar "Star Sparkles"
  • Essie "Navigate Her" with Essie "Bobbing for Baubles"
  • Nubar "Mod Aqua" with Essie "Go Overboard"
  • Milani "Purple Gleam"
  • Nubar "Hyacinth Sparkles"
  • Nubar "Elegant Indigo"
  • Nubar "Night Sparkles"
  • Essie "Armed and Ready" with Color Club "Gingerbread"
That's all folks! Tomorrow I am going to be testing out a manicure on my cousin for her wedding (codename Peacock) and painting my own nails.


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