Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Twin Tuesday: Crafty Cutting

Twinning with Kiki on this Tuesday,
Crafty cutting is our chosen way,
Hers with Dior's Tutu and Rosy Bow,
Trimmed with Tempest by her Cultie beau,
I invited over my Barry mates,
In shades of purple with a Chinese date,
Zig-a-zig-ah and zig-a-zig-oh,
Cutting tape and sticking as we go,
Stick and paint and rip off real quick,
That's the heart of this mani trick,
Here's a picture of our crafty wares,
For your perusal, a twinning pair.

Featuring @polishmad with @cultnails "Tempest", Dior "Tutu" and "Rosy Bow"
and my digits with Barry M Gelly in "Blackberry" and "Prickly Pear" along with
China Glaze "Grape Pop".


Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Manicure: Bond Girls - 002

In this enlightened polished age,
I could not depart my house at this stage,
Wearing a manicure I did not like,
Almost as bad as going naked, oh yikes!
On a social occasion I could not be seen,
Wearing on my digits what I classed obscene,
Even if 22 of you did profess with a heart,
I had to remove and a new mani must start,
After stuffing myself at a restaurant of my mate's,
I came home and dug out some stamping plates,
I also took out 002 of some girls from Bond,
And with my stash, to the sofa I did abscond,
To paint and stamp what your eyes can see,
What do you think, my instagram posse?

(Apologies for the instagram obsessed nature of my poems of late, what can I say: I am obsessed!)


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Twin Tuesday: Capturing Coewless

Coewless is our inspiration Queen,
With her creation and work so pristine,
Angie and I decided this Tuesday twin,
To recreate Eva with glitter to begin,
Angie chose "Lottie Dottie" by KB,
The name alone had itself sold me,
I chose an Owl in a cherry blossom tree,
It's fuchsia circles divine, don't you agree?
Angela chose black alone with a blue trim,
I opted for textured Miranda with a Trixie skim,
Come take a look at our venture joint,
If you approve, with a double tap anoint.

(double tap on instagram!)


Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Manicure: Across The Universe

Across the universe I've had for years,
It's laid unworn in my polish stash I fear,
Until tonight when I blew off the dust,
Amid cries from Angela that wear it I must,
On three fingers I painted on three coats alone,
On finger and thumb some studs are shown,
Separating the universe from a sweet peacock,
The teal a glimmer against the universe rock.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Manicure: Bookworm

My Manicure: Bookworm

Browsing around for bookcase pics,
I came across someone browsing their picks,
Wearing some chevrons and looking pristine,
I knew that this could only a manicure mean,
Us nail gals love chevrons in bold colour block,
It's no secret my wardrobe loves plenty of dot,
I've been looking for a perfect lime green,
This one is defying me by looking so mean,
With a splash of film and boyfriend's touch,
My manicure arrived, I love it so much.

Featuring China Glaze "Def Defying", 
OPI "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" and
Essie "No More Film"


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Manicure: Sir Dottalot

I like big dots, and I cannot lie,
You other girls can't deny,
That when I walk in with my itty bitty dots,
And a round thing in your face,
You get wowed, wanna press on the heart,
'cos you know I've used polishes four,
You love this mani I'm wearing,
You're hooked and you can't stop staring,
Oh girl, you wanna hit like,
And take a screenshot you just might,
Your other friends try to warn you,
But these spots have got you dotty,
You know you love polish like you're potty,
Well, use them, use them,
'Cos you 'aint that average girl,
You're a polish addict abusin',
That paypal you've been usin',
Clicking that button all over the place,
Buying up polish all up in your face,
Girl you are dotty!


Twin Tuesday: Sephora Jasmine

With Eva I chose this Tuesday to twin,
Our inspiration from Sephora, a palette called Jasmine,
A dark trellis surrounding a beautiful girl, 
A damson cover with some golden swirl,
Unwittingly, we'd chosen a different piece each,
I considered a freehand challenge to teach,
But after a weekend of butterfly flitting,
I decided for me, a stamp was more fitting,
For Eva, a brush was her main tool,
A talent in which she is well schooled,
We present to you our Jasmine twin,
And with that, this poem c'est la fin.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Twin Tuesday: Technicolour Glequins

Today for twinning, it's Aydi and I,
A meeting of Turkish and Scottish is nigh,
We chose some glequins for our mani theme,
And tossed in technicolour to mix with the gleam,
The rest was up to our own imagining,
Let's see what each of us to the table did bring!


Monday, 6 May 2013

Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Manicure: Hangover Saturday

Sometimes when you're just messing about,
Spending a Saturday chillin' after a blow out,
With an untried "No More Film" by Essie,
Some dots and roses to make it look dressy,
Here's what I made in my hungover state,
What do you think, my instagram and blog mate?