Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Manicure: Space Dust 101

Houston, we have a problem,
Houston, do you copy?
Some space dust has landed on digits three,
Is it safe or will it eclipse me?
I swear a lion roams on my digit fourth,
And another is flormar matte for what it's worth,
Houston, have I lost the plot?
Houston, can you hear dash dash dot?

Feautring Rimmel Space Dust in "Total Eclipse", China Glaze in "I'm Not Lion", Flormal M06 which I picked up when visiting Aydi in Istanbul and Pueen stamping.

Monday, 24 February 2014

My Manicure: Spinning Stripes

Will you walk into my parlour, said Saima to thine eye,
And gaze upon these stripes that my fingers spun tonight,
A touch of spun sugar stands next to it's chic brown mate,
A jade of ancient origin next, overboard it does predate,
These stripes they are trimmed with shards of gold,
The faces slashed with cuts of daggers bold,
Will you walk into my parlour, said Saima to thine eye,
Double click if it pleases you, as your digits stroll on by.

Featuring China Glaze Street Chic, Orly Ancient Jade, Nina Spun Sugar, Essie Go Overboard and Nubar Faded Putty

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Manicure: Peggy Polka

As soon as I saw Peggy in Polka dot print,
I knew I had to put her on my digits in a sprint,
That shade of red, those dots so round,
Above a black skirt with a striped belt bound,
My eyes widened a tad, my heart skipped a beat,
I knew what this meant, my fingers in for a treat,
A manicure inspired by fashion from days gone by,
I'd wear this today, in a heartbeat, say I.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Manicure: Car Wash

I'm talkin' about the car wash,
Coloured suds on the window pane,
Created by David of Telekinetica fame.

I'm talkin' about the car wash,
Coloured skittles on my fingers three,
My thumb makes four and my ring is all bubbly.

I'm talkin' about the car wash,
Coloured dots galore my eyes spied,
Of course, "my digits would have to wear", I cried!

Workin' at the car wash,
Workin' at the car wash yeah!
Come and sing it with me, car wash,
Get the feelin' y'all car wash yeah!

Thank you to David @telekinetica of Instagram for inspiring me with his bubble car wash photograph.

My Manicure: Buffy the Zig-Zag Slayer

Tonight my digits are a buff shade which you likely know,
Associated with vamps, perhaps their skin a deathly glow?
My buff is slashed with zig zag stripes in colours four,
Two shades of blue and two of coral, no more.