Monday, 30 January 2012

My Manicures: September 2011

# Do you remember? Dancing in September! #

Ah yes, September, I remember you well: starting my birthday countdown, having a polishing good time, some babysitting, some cuppitycake with my cousin.... Earth, Wind and Fire not so much haha.  

I got myself some more Zoya, this time treating my fingers to some Lola love.  In honest truth, I get Lola love quite often as my new cat Lola arrived around the time of the royal wedding and gives me lots of love (when she feels like it!) and I think I love her back even though she is a bit annoying with this insistence of making one of my other cat's life a misery and peeing everywhere but her little half Siamese face and teeny body is cuteness itself so I shall forgive her.

The polish version of Lola also deserves more than one picture as flash showed the brightness to her real potential:

I was attempting to recreate a konad design I'd seen but before long I decided to buy some konad and bundle monster plates and try my hand....let's just say I wanted to love stamping but it has never really worked for me for some reason.  I have read blogs and followed tips from konad queens but my stamper won't pick up the polish.  It managed to work once in September and once in October but I have not been successful since and those plates are now gathering dust in my polish parlour.

Here is my September effort; OPI opi yoga-ta get this blue with some Zoya Trixie konad:

My cousin came to visit in September around the time of her birthday, see if you can guess her name from this song:

Although this is not traditionally the song we sing with her name, it is normally this one:

Here is Mona with her manicure on her munched on nails wearing Zoya Jana and a Chanel gold:

The next night I tried on some new China Glaze with First Mate and Zoya Sooki for some nautical nails:

I had heard on the grapevine that grey was good these days so I bought some Zoya Kelly and gave myself a french manicure with Nars pink.  As lilies are my favourite flower and as these days, I can't have lilies in the house for fear of killing my cats with a painful death, my nails would have to do! This lily didn't look like much as I painted it but it came together quite well in the end: 

I had also heard that mattes were marvellous so I got some Essie matte about you to try mattifying my polishes and Zoya Posh which lasted quite well on me given I had no top coat on:

My final manicure of the month was China Glaze Emerald Sparkle that I couldn't resist embellishing a few days after I had her on:

I also babysat my best friend's daughter who is as old as my marriage and she is always promised a manicure by her mother as a bribe for good behaviour (the things you have to do eh?!) I seem to recall having my fingers pointed at quite a few times in desperate attempts for me to hurry up and get my polishes out.  This is what I came up with on the almost three year old in all China Glaze:

Time for bed, gym in the morning at 6am :O


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