Sunday, 29 January 2012

More Early Days....

I was going to take the time to separate out all my manicures from the last eight months into many individual posts but I think grouping them is best so here are some more early days of Saima's Salon....

I had a sleepover at my half sister's with her best friend in the summer and of course some polishing had to be done.  I needed the practice after all!  They were 11 while I was 33 but despite the age gap, we had a great time and I tried to get them to watch Grease 2 (somehow they weren't as taken as I was with the film... :O.)  Here are the manicures I messily created:

Soon after an afternoon tea session with my best friend meant some more polishing but she wasn't keen on anything too avant garde so a simple flower on blue it was:

My half sister was again my guinea pig for some spots and stripes but I forgot to take a photo, hence this webcam photo she posted on facebook:

I do love polka dots (as evidenced by my kitchen full of red and white dotted mugs, tea towels, biscuit barrel, my lunch box and the many polka dot dresses I love to wear!) so some for me as well, I wore these for two weeks including to a job interview in June where I am now working since January:

A summer weekend in Fundee with my cousin to welcome her to her new flat with her new flatmate and old friend means what else: more guinea pigs! The perfectionist in me is so disappointed with these efforts and almost didn't want to include them but the truthfulness within will include them to show my poor efforts.  Somehow my manicures on myself are always better than on others but this seems to be the last of the messy manicure months....

Better manicures will follow!


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