Monday, 23 January 2012

The Early Days....

Around April 2011, I finally hauled some more of my stuff from my mother's to my marital home and one of the main things was my polish collection.  I knew I had lots of polish even though I left some unwanted bottles behind but I decided to line it up and count it out. I made it about 40 and an IKEA box to store them in was deemed fit. Poor soon to be forsaken 40 polishes....

With the addiction known as facebook, I had started to occasionally post photos of my painted nails but they were all plain colours or my first foray into a polish adventure: coloured french tips.

An old Loreal turquoise to match with Tigger:

One of my first Barry M polishes:

Nars pink with Barry M orange tips (I loved this at the time!):

My second Barry M polish, a yellow with multicoloured tips (some called it a bit loud but I loved it!):


I admired my nails wherever I was.....

The next manicure used one of my new nail art stripers to embellish plain Bourjoise red and Maybelline black tipped nails (you can see my box of Rio nail art pens on the coffee table):

With these nails, I also discovered that I was now "vain" enough to not want to break my nails. I say "vain" only in so much as girls who complained about broken nails were so pathetic but as I went bowling that week, I found myself hoping I wouldn't break my nails and ruin my manicure (obviously I was nothing like one of those vacuous girls with nothing else to worry about but broken nails and calories, I had a brain for goodness sake but still....(now of course it matters even more!)) 

In those pre-blog reading days, I thought I was so original with my triple stripe Wimbledon nails (done freehand):

I recreated the look in shades of gold and mocha on a visiting colleague from Mumbai:

I was experimenting a wee bit by the time it came to my own next manicure and again I recreated it on my colleague Kiran on a day trip to Loch Lomond (what else is there to do post picnicking??):


Playing with my nail art pens, some embellishment was called for so along came my first attempt at a dotted flower:

I was liking this dotting malarky so off I went:

It was around then that I discovered Nails Magazine's art gallery for sharing my photos and nail bloggers with amazing colours, brands and designs.  I was in love! Next stop ebay!


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