Monday, 23 January 2012

Well, here goes nothing!

A Scottish lass with a good heart, 
Discovered the joy of beautiful nail art, 
Pretty soon it became her utmost passion, 
To acquire polish as if going out of fashion, 
Her husband watched as each parcel did arrive, 
And her polish collection soon began to thrive, 
Across each design he cast his artistic eye, 
Passing comments to commend not decry, 
With steady hands and following bloggers she appreciated, 
This is the home of all the art she has created.

Hello and welcome to my nail art and polish blog!

I avidly read many a blog and wasn't too sure if I wanted to take the plunge.... But I decided that although I share my polish pictures on my personal facebook, it might be better to actually share with fellow enthusiasts!

One day in April 2011, I decided to buy a colleague some nail art pens for her birthday and I bought some for myself too. She might not have taken on the art with as much gusto but I have never looked back! 

I already had a huge hoard of polishes collected over the years but it was never that important to paint my nails all the time (even at my Feb 2011 cocktail party I can see strangely bare nails in the photos :O)  Gone were the days when at university I painted my nails every day (sometimes on the bus!) and slept with my hands hanging out of the bed to avoid pillow marks. I still took care of my appearance and colour coordinated but somehow my nails were often bare.  Enter the discovery of nail art pens, nail art blogs, dotters, brushes, some American brand polishes and seche vite (the saviour of all pillow marked nails in case you haven't already heard!)  I think my current collection is around 140 and I have another 20 arriving in the post (I think I have an addictive personality but in the polish community this is never frowned upon!) And no husband dear, this is not the "Polish" community.....haha.

I plan to start with a few posts of polish pictures since April 2011 of my own and my friends nails that I jokingly posted on facebook in an album entitled Saima's Salon.  I normally paint my nails once a week so thereafter I plan to post when I paint my nails and any extra manicures as and when.  Hopefully someone will want to take a look at my musings and manicures!

Saima aka pinkladysz aka Saima's Salon 

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