Friday, 3 August 2012

Rambling Red

Today's manicure is one for a few firsts:

  • First time using OPI "I'm not really a waitress".
  • First time using studs.
  • First time using this Konad stamp.

I haven't worn any kind of nail decoration before and I'm loving the studs.  They are pretty flush to the nail so they don't feel too obtrusive.



  1. I love this! Looks very oriental to me :)

    1. Thanks. I wrote two posts: one on the blogger app so I could get photos to upload (no idea why they don't on this Android tablet when you go to the website) and the other on the website, and I did add a comment to the one I didn't publish that it was like an Asian bride! Now I'm wishing I'd used a navy instead! (Although my mum got married in turquoise so red is not totally traditional for Asian brides....)