Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer, summer, summertime!

I wish it was summertime!  Although the temperature is moderately warmer, the jet stream has made us suffer many a shower in the UK and here in Scotland it has not improved even if England has for a week.  The odd spot of sunshine does not a good summer make!  For santa's sake, I've had the fire on many a time :(  (For anyone wondering, I say Santa because I am not of a religious persuasion and I compare believing in god (small "g") to believing in santa).  Enough about my personal opinions, onto the nails!

For this manicure, I opted for a summery shade from Sation called "Oh My Oceania" which is a turquoise shade with a shimmer of green visible in the light.  I bought some Sation polishes after LTHP reviewed them but I found the brush annoyingly wide and the polish a tad thick and gloopy in this first one I have worn.  I decided to stamp in white from a bundle monster plate but the design covered the nail so much that I decided to leave this to an accent nail only.  I put a sequin in the centre of the main flower of the stamp to finish off:


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