Sunday, 12 August 2012

Carol Fix

Carol is a new found friend,
In whom I've found a magic blend,
Of atheism, mouth and heart no end.
It began when she called me Minnie Mouse,
We found we shared the same ring from our spouse,
And before I knew it, I was around her house!
Her humour is something I adore,
Time spent with her is never a chore,
  She's a gem right to her core.
She's been in for a major op,
The doctors went in for a big chop,
And it'll be a while before she's tip top.
So, without dear Carol in the office mix,
I've had to visit to get my Carol fix,
To check and see how's tricks.
For my first visit I decided to bake,
As a joke, I made her a flaming tampon cake,
(FYI, with her op, she'll have no more PMS ache).
The cake was very well received,
By Carol, nurses, doctors and all who perceived,
The humour intended was achieved.
Today I went with my own box of tricks,
Bestowing a purple manicure to her digits,
While I received my much missed Carol fix.

In this manicure I used a third of my collection of purple polishes, here is a list of what I used:

  • A England "Lady of the Lake"
  • A England "Elaine"
  • A England "Guinevere"
  • A England "Avalon"
  • Candy Lacquer "Candies and Sprinkles"
  • Barry M "Lavender Hexograms"
  • Butter London "Lillibet's Jubilee"
  • Nubar "Hyacinth Sparkles"
  • Color Club "Lavendarling"
  • Nfu-Oh "FS16"
  • Zoya "Nimue"


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