Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sparkling American Royalty

As Kennedys go, you have no crown,
 A "pale french beige" is your Zoya noun,
Hardly a nod to the Americans renowned,
But with this mani I announce you crowned.
With magic attraction sparkles I bestow,
atop a coat of Chloe to make you glow,
And with a little lilac foil I trimmed,
Now you're regal to the brim.

So here is today's manicure: Zoya "Kennedy" topped with Zoya "Chloe" flakie top coat and trimmed with Color Club "Foil Me Once" and OPI "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI" as a base for Color Club "Magic Attraction."

Kennedy is a gorgeous pink beige that looks lovely alone but I couldn't leave her that way so I topped with Chloe, which is a lovely way to wear her, but again I was longing for some sparkle so embellishment had to have it's day.

Check out the holo goodness of Magic Attraction:


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm more enamoured with my poem than the manicure! I do like the design as it looks like a party dress but not amazeballs!