Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Shade of Brown Upon Some Blue....

Subtle was not the intention here,
The intention was to be quite clear,
In a shade of brown upon some blue,
by Nubar was not my dream come true,
The brown was made by OPI,
Jacques isn't for stamping I do decry,
It certainly picked up well enough,
So that retort is my disappointed guff,
It does stamp very well, thank you Jacques,
So my words I do take back,
My stamping skills I do not rate,
For the print itself is not centred straight,
But the unintentional end result,
Is one in which I will now exult!

So in case you missed my subtle hints, the shade of brown is OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" and my lesser promotion of the blue will have left you in the dark so now is the time to declare it as Nubar "Mod Agua."  

I haven't worn Jacques before so I wasn't aware of it's thin formula.  Hence my surprise at the stamping being so subtle.  I did think about changing the stamping colour to my new China Glaze "Foie Gras" or "Midtown Magic" but I wasn't sure of the colours so I just stuck with Jacques and repeated the stamp on all my digits.  I had originally intended to do a brown and blue skittles look with some pinstripes and polka on other fingers but it wasn't meant to be!  

The Nubar is a lovely colour of aqua blue that I am glad I own.  The other option for my blue was "Electric Beat" but I shall save that for another day!

So this is Mod Agua with Jacues stamping using BM 206 and a french using Jacques:

This started out life without the french, don't my nails look long! I wish my nail beds were long so I didn't HAVE to grow my free edge long to have more of a canvas and to have nicer nails.

I had barely finished my manicure last night when my guests arrived; one of my new colleauges and her husband, to join my husband and I for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant called Chop Chop that I adore and my new friend had wanted to try for ages.  They have an amazing unlimited banquet (not usually my dining option of choice but not a self serve one so acceptable!) and the most delicious dumplings and were apparently in some Gordon Ramsay show about Britain's best local restaurants and declared his favourite as well as winning other awards.  Needless to say I have one of their dining cards where you get discounts and vouchers on birthdays and anniversaries.

My new friend and I think we were separated at birth due to our similarities despite our 14 year age gap.  Truth be told, we have as many dissimilarities as well: what person doesn't like coriander lol!!!! But the freaky coincidence is that we have the same engagement ring which led to seeking other similarities.  When she arrived I had promised her a manicure as well so the polishing began anew.  She is a polish lover already but I have introduced her to seche vite and the nail art/polish obsessive world which I am not sure her husband is thankful for!  For her manicure, I wanted to try some more stamping with my favourite stamp from Konad M71 and I added a french in my Essie "Size Matters":

This weekend also had some adventures in babysitting and a manicure is always required, especially when it is used by mothers to bribe and is requested by the three year old about a hundred and one times!  I normally do polka dots on her but I wanted to see if any stamps would look good on such tiny nails with so I used some of the smallest flowers on Konad M57 and 53 on top of my Essie "Size Matters" to create this:



  1. Love the blue base polish in the top picture :-) stamping is gorgeous too x

    1. Thanks, although after dithering between electric beat and mod agua, I'm leaning towards the CG as a favourite aqua instead of this one!