Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fashion! Turn to the right, oooooh fashion!


Talk to me, dance with me David! (Yes, since I saw the films The Hunger and Labyrinth, I have harboured a passion for Bowie's unconventional looks and I'd certainly give him the time of day!)  

However, today's song may be Bowie's "fashion" but my nails are not Bowie inspired (yet! Ziggy Stardust nails would look good!), they are instead inspired by Alexander McQueen.  I don't read magazines but whilst babysitting there was one to hand so I took a look and saw some photos of his recent collection.  I was drawn to one particular colour combination at first but so many of the pictures were inspiring that I foresee a few McQueen inspired manicures to come.  Today's manicure is a black and white stamping one featuring Orly "Liquid Vinyl" and BM 214 in a design that may not be too unique but looks divine, classic and evokes the pictures of McQueen's collection that follow:

For one day I sported this quick manicure featuring A England " and Color Club "Platinum Record" on the tips but my discoloured nails showed through so it came off and I didn't make much effort with the photo taking as the discolouration showed up in almost every picture.  I love it though so it will make a repeat appearance I am sure:



  1. Really beautiful manis. :)

    1. Thanks, I just checked out your blog too (that autocorrected to bog due to a typo!) & I love your johnny bravo, I used to watch it too :)