Sunday, 4 March 2012

Handbags and (No) Gladrags...

Well, today's manicure is inspired by my new handbag that only my sweat bought me from Dorothy Perkins but Rod's wee ditty seemed apt for today's post.  Especially as I've decided that as poetry is my shtick in other walks of life and as I've used songs in previous posts, that my blog schtick should be music and/or poetry so a song about handbags was appropriate!  There is the stereophonice cover as well but they're Welsh and Rod is Scottish like me so he was the obvious choice even though I'm not exactly a fan!

The handbag:

Onto the manicure: two coats of Zoya "Purity", acrylic navy stripes freehanded and a half moon in OPI "Wooden Shoe Like to Know" and my accent nail rhombus is in Orly "Luxe."

Something odd happened during my manicure today and I'm not sure why.  I topped with Seche Vite and went to try to stamp and my "Luxe" stamp didn't show up well so I quickly removed it with a cotton bud of acetone and topped up with seche vite again. A minute later I tried to stamp in another gold polish and the polish came away from my nail like melted marshmallow!!

Any ideas what went wrong?? Other nails are fine. Thumb had a dent in it so I could see how deep the painting was and it looked a few mm.

I removed it all and started again with only one coat of purity this time and by time I had decided not to stamp at all so I just put on seche vite but when I touch tested it, my stripe moved! I have now repainted the stripe and seche vite has dried it hard but I'm left wondering why it happened.....

It's now feeling hard and smooth after another coat of seche vite but when I took the photos above in the fading sunlight, I didn't show my thumb prominently due to the dented look of it.



  1. That's such a cute handbag! And I love how the design translated onto the nail!

  2. I love the music. Very cute nail design.

    1. Thank you, my first unique creative burst, most other nail designs just seem to all have been done before! (but not on my nails haha)