Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Manicure: Liar, Liar

Liar, liar, paints on fire,
Polish colour is a nightmire,
When neons won't show true,
What's a polish girl to do?
Try to edit and lie some more?
Even though it's what I deplore?
Or leave well enough alone?
Admit defeat, true shade unknown,
To any but the naked eye,
Certainly not my camera spy,
I'll say in words instead to you,
The colours that I see true,
A neon pink like bubblegum,
Paired with a chartreuse chum,
Studs and stamping join the fray,
My mani tonight, this Thursday.


Featuring China Glaze "Bottoms Up" an "Electric Pineapple"

P.s. yes, I made up a word which I abhor but it's artistic license ;)

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