Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Twin Tuesday: Summer Sakura

Cherry blossoms are our chosen theme,
Chosen by the lovely, tattooed Anne-Marie,
So for twin Tuesday this June week,
We are Summer Sakura tho' the flowers weep, 
in January to April months alone,
In Japan the place where sakura roam,
The place where hanami is a moment of bliss,
Under the sakura, a time to picnic,
For our sakura we chose a holo each,
To shine in the sun,  your eyes beseech,
Rie's among the flowers glimmer,
Mine only on my thumb does shimmer,
Rie's in shades of blue, black and white,
Mine in buff and apple pie scratch 'n' sniff delight,
Rie's flowers trim the branches black,
Mine bedecked on brown with glequin plaque,
Feast your eyes on our floral bloom,
Our manicures, from us to you.

Even my cousin wanted the same manicure:


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