Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Manicure: Purple Pueen Reigns Supreme

Pueen arrived this Saturday to my home,
With designs so perfect, my mind was blown,
A white leather bound wallet to hold my treasure,
To slide out plates and peruse with pleasure,
I shared my nail mail with my online friends,
Their response to ask where to follow the trend, 
You can buy from middle men or Pueen direct,
If you too want your fingers with Pueen bedecked,
For my first foray into Pueen elemental delight,
I chose a regal purple with which my digits to knight,
I stamped with plate number forty-nine,
An image of floral and curved design,
To my manicure I bestow the moniker "Purple Pueen",
For with royal purple, Pueen reigns supreme.


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