Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Twin Tuesday: Crafty Cutting

Twinning with Kiki on this Tuesday,
Crafty cutting is our chosen way,
Hers with Dior's Tutu and Rosy Bow,
Trimmed with Tempest by her Cultie beau,
I invited over my Barry mates,
In shades of purple with a Chinese date,
Zig-a-zig-ah and zig-a-zig-oh,
Cutting tape and sticking as we go,
Stick and paint and rip off real quick,
That's the heart of this mani trick,
Here's a picture of our crafty wares,
For your perusal, a twinning pair.

Featuring @polishmad with @cultnails "Tempest", Dior "Tutu" and "Rosy Bow"
and my digits with Barry M Gelly in "Blackberry" and "Prickly Pear" along with
China Glaze "Grape Pop".


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