Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Manicure: Sir Dottalot

I like big dots, and I cannot lie,
You other girls can't deny,
That when I walk in with my itty bitty dots,
And a round thing in your face,
You get wowed, wanna press on the heart,
'cos you know I've used polishes four,
You love this mani I'm wearing,
You're hooked and you can't stop staring,
Oh girl, you wanna hit like,
And take a screenshot you just might,
Your other friends try to warn you,
But these spots have got you dotty,
You know you love polish like you're potty,
Well, use them, use them,
'Cos you 'aint that average girl,
You're a polish addict abusin',
That paypal you've been usin',
Clicking that button all over the place,
Buying up polish all up in your face,
Girl you are dotty!


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