Sunday, 10 June 2012

Painting the Blues...the Indian Ocean Blues!

Today I'm painting the blues because it's June and our days are interspersed with so much rain instead of sunshine!  My blues are not blue at all of course, with these hues they are making me look forward to my holiday to Mauritius for my cousin's wedding.   Indian ocean here we come!!

The blues are China Glaze "Aquadelic" and Nubar "Blueberry" with embellishment in Barry M "Gold", Orly "Luxe" and Color Club "Gingerbread":

My photos include another rare shot of my right hand! Not because my right hand doesn't always look good because I have a steady hand and more often than not, my right hand is surprisingly nice (if I do say so myself!) but because I decided I didn't like that so much of my blue diamonds were covered by the stamp on my left hand so I did something different on my right hand.  I even tried to add a blue border on my left hand but it wasn't what I really wanted.



  1. this is gorgeous! i love the nude and brightness of baker street... also on ur recommendation ive just purchased rebel by mac! :) im unsure how to wear it tho? just a soft smokey eye maybes?? xxx

    1. Thanks Catrine, I've just returned from Mauritius this morning where I took 12 lipsticks but wore rebel most of the time lol. Although so chaud had an outing too! I teamed it with dark & bright eyes there but normally at home I'd tame it down with a plain eye (eyeliner only) to showcase the colour, it is so gorgeous after all! x