Monday, 14 July 2014

My Manicure: Bute-iful

To Bute we went only just last week,
Scottish sun and architecture we did seek,
In a lovely house on the Mount Stuart estate,
300 acres of woods and beach on our plate,
The Marquess' palatial house of red brick hue,
Of which we were given a private tour,
It's where Stella Beatle got married you know,
My cousin and I almost ditched our wedded beaux,
When we saw the racing driver Marquess walk out,
With thoughts of living in the house of good clout,
But we retired back to our modest stone house,
To watch the world cup and paint nails in quiet as a mouse,
Watched over by donkeys, horses and cows,
And in the day a woodland trek before a sun filled drowse,
On grass and beach before bathing in clear Scottish sea,
Before taking a sunny picture of a mani made by me. 


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