Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Manicure: Framed Roses

A rose in a frame, would smell as sweet,
As a rose by another name, or so Romeo could tweet,
Were he to dwell in our world of technology replete.

A rose in a frame, of many golden dots,
Growing in Essie "Armed and Ready" plots,
Surrounded by Cult "Nevermore" with fishnet knots. 

A rose in a frame, multiplied by two,
Straddled by three of "Dahlia"'s pixie dust hue,
This is my manicure, from me to you.

Featuring Cult Nails "Nevermore", stamped with Zoya "Purity", a stripe of Essie "Armed and Ready" dotted by Essie "As Gold As It Gets", roses in acrylic paint and flanked by Zoya "Dahlia" pixie dust.


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