Friday, 12 July 2013

My Manicure: I Like Big Dots

I like big dots, and I cannot lie,
You other girls just might spy,
Those dotty things that I own, 
They don't live here all alone,
From dotty bags to frocks galore,
Give me some dots, I just want more,
Rarely on my digits ten,
It was 8 weeks ago just then,
I wore all dots and penned a rhyme,
About Sir Dottalot and big dots of mine,
But those dots were itty and bitty,
These dots are big and pretty,
Only on fingers two,
But these ones make me coo,
They're big and round and in your face,
These dots take up way more space,
I don't just like, I love these dots,
For them I have the hearts and hots,
If you like them as much as I,
Click that heart as you scroll on by.


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