Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Twin Tuesday: Ikat Manicures

Ikat we chose for this Tuesday to twin,
with Katie from San Diego in the US therein,
Our colours were almost similar by chance,
But you can see we took a different stance,
Katie's with tones of lighter hue,
Mine with added white not blue,
Here are our manicures for you to see,
From Katie and I, from us to thee.

Katie is a lovely new friend I met on instagram recently who has her own blog located here and an instagram account of course as @uncommonmagpie.  I am a huuuuuuge chatterbox and write reams when I am writing messages and emails (personal and work!) but for my blog I've tended to keep it short and sweet......not so does Miss Katie!  Be sure to check her out and enjoy the reams she churns out for your perusal!


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