Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mad Catters Crafty Market and Makeover....

Otherwise known as how I spent my Saturday!

It was expected to be a freezing wintry day in March, much colder over the Forth Bridge in Fife where I was headed on Saturday.  I even wore my polka dot wellies in anticipation but although it was 2 degrees celsius colder there and a bitter wind, the snow held off so that was a welcome relief!

The husband and I set off early as he'd offered to come along to help me set up (and read more of the Wizard of Oz books to pass his time) and we set up my table with my polka dot table cloth and my posters, business cards, swatch sticks, 200 polishes and a slideshow of my manicures on my tablet.  You might spot the running polka dot theme to match my blog because I'm dotty about dots!

I met a lovely girl called Maria who had never heard of stamping although she had some beautiful freehand Aztec nail art on her fingers.  She wanted me to show her how stamping worked so the lesson commenced with some neons on her nails and a shopping list for her to save up her pennies for!


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