Saturday, 5 May 2012


Bleugh is the only deserving word,
That this manicure in me has stirred,
A tad disappointed is little old me,
A failed use of laquer to this degree,
Wasting my bottle of Aquadelic by China Glaze,
To create this mani that does not amaze,
It barely even passes muster,
A touch of Northern Lights makes it less lacklustre,
Here it is for you to see,
Take a gasp, it's just a bit ghastly.

As well as sharing this rather rubbish manicure with it's fried eggs plonked atop the aqua blue, I do have some other things to show you today....

My spoils from a polish swap with Sunny from 365 days of color! Thanks again to this lovely lady for the box of goodies! She got me some Zoyas, CC holos, Milani jewel fx and gems as well as Candy Shop by Claire's:

For those who follow me on facebook, you may already have seen what I sent her along with a personalised poem (yep, the last bottle of Fantasy Fire in the shop!) but now that I have received her parcel, mine seems a bit inadequate....

In the last week or so, I have also done some mini manicures on two little girls I know.  One of whom got a new one today as I babysat her for a few hours plus she got her hair crimped as well:

That's all folks!


  1. Aww the manicures are so cute!!

    1. I took it off already! Next time I'll do plain dotted flowers or proper petals as I love the idea not my execution.

  2. I love all of these! Keep up the good work! I just found your blog so I will be following!!! Checking on your add/sponsors (if you have any) To show some love!!! Have a beautiful day

    1. Thanks Eden, what a lovely name you have! I'll check yours out when I'm at home x