Monday, 2 April 2012

Art d'ongle de Marrakech pour le mois de conscience d'autisme

Today's manicure started with me thinking of cobalt blue for autism awareness month and reminded me of my first holiday with my husband (then boyfriend).  

A few years ago, we went to Marrakech and twice we visited the most lush and beautiful place in the city: Jardin de Majorelle, a house once owned by Yves Saint Laurent, painted in stunning Moroccan colours of cobalt blue and deep yellow .  As well as being the one place of luscious greenery in an arid city with dried out former palace gardens, it was the coolest place to be that hot June and a lovely place to while away some hours reading in the blistering heat.

The blue ended up being an accent rather than the main feature and when "Dating a Royal" by OPI was placed on top of "It Colour" also by OPI, the vibrancy of the colour became a darkened hue.  "It Colour" is much more vibrant and warmer than it appears in my photos so don't trust the colour.  I'll try to catch a daylight image tomorrow with no warm sun as snow is forecast for 7am (boo after last week's glorious sunshine!)

I had imagined a much more complex design but ended up with simple dots to create the trellis of my favourite holiday photograph.  I still like this manicure but I have a feeling I will recreate the photograph another day in another variation on my "ongles."

For now:

Jardin de Majorelle


Update: daylight photo! (excuse the dry skin, it has been snowing and the heating wasn't working in my office so this made for a fun day and added to my usual dry skin issues)

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